ID172 - Tech Status Report - not Dispatched or Arrived Overview & Sample

A check to see which technicians are missing in action at 8.15AM, 9A and 4PM and send a message to the missing tech and their manager. This alert runs a Tech Status report showing techs either (Dispatched, OnSite, Unavailable, or MIA [missing in action]) and incorporates the employee Unavailable component within eAutomate.    

This is meant to run at specific times of day, so please indicate in the 'notes to installer' box when you expect all your techs to be dispatched or onsite (typically 8:30 and 4:00) and the time(s) of day you want this status event to run.

**Please note:

1. Tech is considered MIA if not dispatched OR onsite or does not have a time entry in the unavailable time sheet. 

2. Regarding tech visibility when assisting another tech - if you do a lot of “tech assists”, you will find this alert might report those “assisting” techs as MIA because very few dealerships update the service call as it’s dispatched with that assisting tech. The assisting tech usually updates their info as they are leaving. So just be aware that the timing of when that tech assist entry is actually created & dispatched on the call will impact whether or not this alert can “see” what call the assisting tech is on.

3. **Please note, if you make any changes to unavailable or time card entries today, report will not reflect those changes until the next day (nightly table updates required) So, for example, if the alert sees at 8AM tech is MIA based on unavailable entry or time card entry, it will show tech MIA again at 4PM (unless he's dispatched or on-site) because the process to update the time card entries runs only overnight.


VariableW: CustomPropertyAttribute assigned in employee record identifying who is FieldTech (defaults to ZCJFieldTech). This alert only runs on technicians where you have set the custom property attribute defined in VariableW to Yes.

VariableX: Enter 'TECHNICIAN' to send only to tech and tech manager, then an individual alert is sent only to the tech and his/her manager regardless of the To/CC addresses if they are deemed MIA (not dispatched and/or not onsite and Available). (otherwise will send to only those listed in to/cc). The To/CC addresses will receive only the summary status board of all techs showing their status as dispatched/arrived/unavailable/MIA



Sample (right click on images to see in larger format):


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