ID82 - New Customer Account Created Overview & Sample:

Alerts your key admin person to review the key items (tax code, terms, etc) for a new customer account added to eAutomate.

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This alert will let your key admin person know that a new customer has been created so that they can review the key items (tax code, terms, etc) for a new customer account added to eAutomate. The alert will trigger every 15 minutes so that you will be notified quickly after the record has been created.

The alert will send a separate email for each customer account created.

 Run Schedule: every 15 minutes

Type of Output: Email


*  *  *




*  *  *



Variable W: Branch numbers for alert to trigger on. Leave blank for all branches or separate multiple branches with a comma.



*  *  *

Alert Functionality

1. Alert will trigger every 15 minutes and send an alert for all new customer records created. Set the alert to send to your key admin person who can quickly review the data entered and ensure that all customers are set up correctly.

2. The alert will also show the user who created the customer record, this can be helpful for training purposes to alert the creator if the customer record was set up incorrectly. 

3. Alert shows the qty of eInfo Users linked to this Customer Record as well as the Custom Property Group assigned:


Custom Property Group Assigned is reporting on what is showing in Configuration field of Custom Properties tab:




*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

1. This alert can be set up to send to specific contacts at each branch, see this link for details on how to set up branch roles.

2. See this link for details on setting up parent/child customer records.



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Related Alerts

ID139 - Delivers a PDF report of all accounts created in last 24 hours.

ID325 - Audit record of new customers added and changes made to existing customer records.

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