ID325 - New Customer Records Created or Changes to Existing Records Overview & Sample:

ID325 is an audit report of all new customer records created and/or changes to existing records, highlighting the critical fields. By using this alert, it allows you to expand the number of people who you allow to create/edit customer records and then send the audit report to one person who can review the information for accuracy.  This relieves the bottleneck of having just one person who can add/update customer records.  For new records all information is shown, on changes to records the original values are shown with the updated field


***We are not able to provide you historical data on changes to records from prior to the day we install our alert because e-automate does not store this information. Once we install the alert, then we start building our own comparison table to be able to report back to you from.


Sample of Alert:



We added the “updated by” field to this alert after multiple customer requests, but it is not always reliable, so please take care not to use results as hard fact. See this post on how last updater determined for this report.

Below are some scenarios in the “Updated by” field, that can be misleading in various ways on ID325:

a) If Julie creates a customer record, her info will be in the “Updated by” field at the customer record level.  If Ann then edits the Customer Record today and updates a linked Contact Record, then her name is recorded as the updater on the contact record, BUT NOT the updater on the Customer Record.  This alert reports changes to the entire Customer Record BUT only returns results from the Customer “updated by" field.  This is a known issue that cannot be resolved at this time.

b) Depending on how often you have this alert set to run, it may only report the LAST updater. If Julie changes the customer record in one field at 8 AM and Ann changes it again in a different field at 3 PM, and the report emails out daily at 5 PM, then Ann will be listed as the 'Updated By' person.

c) If Julie edits a customer record just to view the information and then uses the 'OK' button to exit (instead of the 'Cancel' button), she will be logged as the last updater even though she didn't actually make a change.

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