ID321 - Alert on last Contract invoice if Overage or Underage is greater than/less than Base - Overview & Sample

This alert will check last Contract invoice and alert if the overage is greater than Variable W % of the Base copies AND/OR if the underage is less than Variable X % of Base. The alert looks at the last week of invoices, therefore this alert should be run weekly so that your team can react quickly to any significant underage/overage charges.

Variable W: set the % for overages to check. If you don't want to check for overage put 999.

Variable X: set the % for underages to check. If you don't want to check for underage put 999.

Variable Y: either set to 1 or 0. A '1' means report invoices where counted copies greater than 1, '0' means report all invoices. 

Sample Output:

1) Example of Underage less than 30%                    2) Example of Overage greater than 30%



Alert ID256 is an alert for last 3 months over previous 3 months volume trending on invoiced clicks. But it requires that a contract have at least 2 quarters of billing to work.

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