ID256 - Big Overage Bill Overview & Sample

To alert your subscribers or sales rep whenever the rolling last 3 months overages are W% above the base for that same period. Also we check to see if the total actual contract clicks for the last 3 rolling months is X% of the previous 3 months. The idea is to look for any sudden shift in overages or volume for the last 3 rolling months. This Alert Requires That You Have ECi Contract Analytics Installed (if you are no longer using ECi’s Analytics, please see ID918 - Invoices Billing Overage or Underage)

For those clients who keep the sales rep information updated in eAutomate put CUSTOMER in VariableY. If you keep the rep information updated in your CRM leave this blank and subscribe to ID320.


VariableW: Number to use as the target percentage to flag contracts where the overage clicks were W% over the base allowed, no decimals please (defaults to 50)

VariableX: Whole number to use as target % to flag if last 3 months volume > or < X% of previous 3 months volume, no decimals please (defaults to 25)

VariableY: CustomPropertyAttribute (or the word CUSTOMER) to hold the Sales Rep assignment for this account external to the actual SalesRep field on the customer account OR leave blank for alert to look to ID320 for Sales Rep assignment, defaults to CUSTOMER

Consider also alert ID330 which shows customers not hitting their minimum volume. ID256 shows overages and volume trends, designed to tell you when a customer's volume has doubled quarter over quarter. Also consider alert ID321 which is designed to check on overage/underage in the last week.

Sample of ID256:


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