ID918 - Invoices billing Overage or Underage Overview & Sample

Knowing if your customer's contract is too high or too low can help you maintain happy customers. This alert will monitor base and/or overages/underages so you can get ahead of any contract adjustments to consider. It can serve as quick heads-up to reps or management about individual invoices that might produce a shock when the customer opens them.

VariablesW and Y enable you to dial in the 'minimum contracts' to consider (for instance, you might not care that you billed a customer 200% over Base when the Base is $20).

This alert considers individual contract billing on a given invoice, not the overall contract performance. It considers dollars-billed in addition to clicks-billed, which allows it to consider contracts with BaseRate but zero covered clicks. 

**Please note: This alert cannot trigger when the BaseRate is $0 or the CoveredClicks is 0 since it has no number to compare actual-billed values to; although, as long as it has either a BaseRate or CoveredClicks it can be monitored for that one dimension.

The default schedule for this alert is weekly on Monday mornings.

 Sample output contains Contract#, BillTo, BillTo#, Customer Name, Invoice#, InvDate, Overage Charge, Base Charge, Dollar Imbalance, Billed Copies, Covered Copies, and Click Imbalance as shown below:



VariableW: Minimum Base Rate charge (in whole dollars) to consider

VariableX: % of Overage to flag (for instance '30' to report all invoices billing 30% of base dollars as Overage or 30% of clicks over covered clicks

VariableY: Minimum number of covered clicks to consider

VariableZ: % of Underage Clicks to flag (set to 9999 if you want to alert to disregard underages)

Variable1: Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL (Branches send as separate emails)


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