ID330 - Customer not hitting minimum volumes Overview & Sample

ID330 is designed to advise you on contracts that are not hitting the minimum contracted volume. While these contracts can be very profitable you run the risk of a competitor coming in and saying "hey Mr. Customer you are paying for service you are not using". (If you send an email to the customer saying we believe your contract volume needs to be adjusted, then 90% of people will not respond but at least you can say you reached out.)

This is an over/under report on meter groups for most recent invoice.  We will check invoices and alert you if the Underage was VariableX percent below the base allowed. We can also alert if the Overage exceeded the base by VariableW percent.  

Variable Set Up:

VariableW - minimum % of Overage vs. Base Allowed to trigger on

VariableX - minimum % of Underage vs Base Allowed to trigger on

VariableY - a value of '1' will exclude base-only billings (contract invoices where billed copies = 0), defaults to 1

VariableZ - List branch(es) to trigger on, or leave blank for ALL





Column Explanations:

1. Alert Level - shows if firing due to Underage or Overage on Invoice

2. Contract Meter Group - indicates what overage group alert is firing on (i.e. BLK clicks or CLR clicks)

3. Percent - Perecent by which the Underage/Overage exceeds copy allowance

4. Group Copies - total amount of clicks produced on that invoice for that meter group

5. Covered Copies - actual allowance assigned to that meter group

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