ID315 - Excessive Toner usage - What to do with information

We give you the option to only alert if the total profit on the contract is less than VariableX % (default is 100). The manufacturer's base their numbers on 5% fill for each color and this is a variable in our alert. You also have the option to set this fill variable at the Contract Record level, if there is nothing set there we use the one in the alert.

Please see THIS LINK for an overview of ID315's functionality and how to set custom fill%.

It's important you have a process for what happens when this alert triggers. Something like this:

Over 100% profit on the contract no alert triggers. Less than 50% profit customer gets an email saying check shelves, less than 10% and the order has to be approved before it can ship.

We also suggest you focus your efforts on ID758 - Biggest Toner Problems.

If you are getting too many alerts and not doing anything with them consider setting the variable to whatever that management sign off fill % is and just get alerted on those. If you have a print for pay customer with a single click 11X17 perhaps set a different fill to alert on at the contract.

Excessive toner customers usually fall in to 1 of 5 groups.

  1. Copy shop printing full bleed 11 X 17 brochures and you may have had to agree to a single click for 11X17.
  2. Customer who has additional equipment not on contract with you that uses the same toner. Could be that you are just better / faster at shipping than whomever has the other units under contract, could be that customer is intentionally abusing.
  3. Customer who has lots of misplaced toner sitting on a shelf somewhere and a reminder to place an order every month.
  4. Manufacturer has toner low alerts coming on when still 30% left, customer replaces toner as soon as light shows.
  5. Customer has an employee selling the toner on eBay.
We feel that if you at least let the customer know that you are aware that they are using excessive toner then you can fix all except 1 and 4. We suggest an email like "We received your recent toner order, however our system shows that you are using way more toner than normal, can you please check your shelf to confirm you don't have spare toner sitting somewhere?"
We also suggest language in your contract like "our contract includes toner based on the manufacturer expected yields, we reserve the right to charge for additional toner".
Explain this by saying "there have been occasions of customers selling toner on eBay, this is to protect us from that".
Turning off the warning light is an option for 4.
Manufacturers calculate that you should have 5% fill of each color so for a color unit they are expecting a 20% fill. A copy shop printing a full bleed brochure especially something that lays 4 colors on top of each other like a night sky could be using close to 400% coverage (100% of each), if you agreed to a single click 11 X 17 then that could be close to 800%, your selling price is based on 20%, that is 40 times higher.
Have the technician check to see if the meter clicks once or twice for 11X17. Click here for how to track a single click 11X17 in eAutomate.


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