ID758 - Biggest Toner Problems Overview & Sample:

Provides list of your Top 10 potential toner abusers

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Our alert ID315 tells you when a supply order is entered and the customer is using too much toner. This process helps you focus on your biggest toner problems and tells whether they are profitable or not. We are looking at pages billed versus pages shipped and the machine(s) with the biggest difference is your biggest problem. This alert will show you the Top 10 potential problem contracts for both color and black/white toner types based just on toner usage vs. billed clicks. So it might be worth sending someone onsite to see if there are stocks of toner for devices not under contract with you.

Alert sorts by Group Clicks Difference

Run Schedule: Tuesday AM

Type of Output: Email and Task App


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Variable W: Enter number of months contract should be active to be considered by alert

Variable X: Enter minimum number clicks in Contract Bill Group to be considered by alert

Variable Y: Custom Property for snoozing contract



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-Any note type listed on contract (via ID768, ID773, ID560) will show on this alerts output.

-This alert relies heavily on ItemRecords containing accurate Yield and Usage limit meter type (BW or Color) (see your ID316 output to verify) these fields:



Column Explanation

Column Explanation 


1. Group Name = identifies what level ID315 (Excessive Toner Alert) Variable1 is set to (Contract, Customer, ShipTo, or Bill To). The default is Contract, click here for more.

This alert and ID315 are closely linked. ID758/Biggest Toner Problems pulls info from your excessive toner alert. The only way to change what level ID758 triggers on, is to change your ID315 subscription settings. Please note this could have a huge impact on how your excessive toner alert runs, we suggest consulting with us first please (

2. Group Number = identifies the contract or customer the reported group belongs to

3. Cust Name = Customer Name

4. Model = Model of equipment under contract identified as potential toner problem

5. # of Equp = Total quantity of equipment for the Group Number (listed in Column 2) using this toner type (BLK or CLR) Note we average volume if more than 1.

If a toner item is usable in more than one Model of machine the alert will do the math to determine, on average, how often that toner item is used in the various eligible Models and prorate the toner shipments accordingly. We do this using data of our own, it does not rely on the Related Item tables but instead looks at sales orders over the past twelve months (ID334/ID700 CEOJuice logic) to determine a weighted average. If a toner item is used 30% in one Model, 30% in another and 40% in the third, then the total toner shipments for that cartridge for that reporting group will be assigned 30/30/40. This is independent of how your order staff have assigned the toner line items in the sales order (what equipment they've assigned it to) since in our experience sometimes they take shortcuts and don't select the equipment the caller specifies.

6. Toners Shipped = Total toners of Toner Type listed in column 7 shipped over lifetime per Group Number (listed in Column 2)

If more than one model group can use the same toners then usage is prorated between them. We don't roll up to 'all Eqp of any model which can use a toner' because sometimes we find situations where SOME toners can be used in multiple models but not ALL toners can be used in those same multiple models. We have to prorate at item level and spread out the clicks/toner cartridges to the different groups.

7. Toner Type = indicates if BLK or CLR toner

8. Fill Rate % = approximate fill rate of each click

BLK formula is ((BWClicksShipped / (BWClicksBilled + ColorClicksBilled)) * 5. 

We use five (5) in our formula because manufacturer promises 5% fill rate - so if 5,000 clicks shipped / 5,000 clicks billed * 5, then is 5% fill. 

CLR formula is ((ColorClicksShipped/ColorClicksBilled) * 5) / 3)).

We use five (5) in our formula because manufacturer promises 5% fill rate and divide by three for each color toner - so if 5,000 clicks shipped / 5,000 clicks billed * 5, then is 5% fill. 


We divide by three because it takes toner from three different toner cartridges to print a single color page. If you ship one of each color (Magenta, Cyan, Yellow), each of those cartridges have a yield. For example, each color cartridge has yield of 10K, you didn't ship them the ability to print 30K pages, rather you shipped them the ability to print 10K pages with each of the three colors on them. Once they run 10K pages they should have used up all three toners.

9. Group Clicks Billed = lifetime total clicks billed of this Toner Type (BW or CLR) for this Model (includes estimate since last invoiced based on recent volumes)

10. Group Clicks Shipped = lifetime total clicks shipped of this Toner Type (BW or CLR). Formula = yield from ItemRecord * total qty toner type shipped

11. Group Click Difference = Group Clicks Shipped minus Group Clicks Billed Sorted by this column! This is your pages billed versus shipped.

Columns 12 - 15 are 100% based on ID315 (excessive toner alert) analytics (customer contract profitability) data. Please see THIS POST to understand RY01 definition.

12. Revenue RY01 = Revenue for last Rolling Year based on Group Level (i.e. Contract, Customer) per your ID315 Variable1 setting. 

13. Cost RY01 = Cost for last Rolling Year based on Group Level (i.e. Contract, Customer) per your ID315 Variable1 setting. 

14. Margin % RY01 = Margin for last Rolling Year based on Revenue RY01 and Cost RY01, formula is (1 - Cost/Revenue) = GM%.

15. Actual Meter Clicks RY01 = Actual clicks produced over last Rolling Year (this is billed meters through last billing plus an estimate of then until now when alert fired) based on Group Level (i.e. Contract, Customer) per your ID315 Variable1 setting. 

16. Plan Note, any note you have entered at either contract or customer level (looks at your ID315 Var1 level - contract, customer, ShipTo, or BillTo). This field shows any notes you have recorded for ID768/560, default is ReviewAction. See more information here on entering plan notes.

Snooze Date, snooze the contract from this report, by setting a future date in the Contract / Custom Properties tab / ZCJTonerSnooze. When the date passes if still an issue it will reappear on the list.


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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

-Please see THIS LINK on tips for validating/reviewing your ID758 results

-If you are finding a model listed on this alert that is no longer listed under the contract, be sure to uncheck "Show Only Current Equipment" in the Contract Record to see equipment terminated from contract. 

If you are still finding this model doesn't exist, then it likely because the machine was removed from the Contract Record. This alert will still pick up toner usage based on historical analytics data. Best Practice for eAuto when removing equipment from contract is to Edit Contract Equipment and terminate.


See THIS POST for Best Practices on Adding/Terminating/Prorating Equipment on Contract

See THIS POST on using Termination Codes in eAuto




Custom Property Set Up

Custom Property Set Up


Step 1: Create Attribute named ZCJTonerSnooze via Tools / Lists & Codes / Attributes

Attribute name: ZCJTonerSnooze

Description: Snooze contracts from showing on reports ID758

Data type: Date


Step 2: Add Attribute to Contracts Configuration via Tools / Lists & Codes / Configurations (custom properties):

Select Configuration named Contracts and browse for ZCJTonerSnooze in Avaialable Attribute(s), use Quick Add feature and leave default value blank


Now you can enter snooze date on Contract Record / Custom Properties:



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID315 - Excessive Toner Alert (required for ID758)

ID258 - Customer Quarterly Business Review (QBR) SSRS Report

ID350 - Supply Order Entry App

ID560 - Low profit contract up for renewal/escalation

ID768 - Worst Profitable Contracts


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Task App

Task App

 Please see THIS LINK for review.





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