ID535 - Stack Rank Your Customers Overview & Sample

This report Stack Ranks your customers using data from your contracts, revenue, cost, clicks. The Columns reported are Revenue (total customer revenue, not just contract revenue), Cost, Margin, CostPerCopy, ActualClicks, BaseAndOverageClicks (billed totals), color & BW clicks (both actual and billed))

The alert is emailed on the 1st of each month as a .txt file that you import into excel as a tab delimited file. See instructions here on importing the file.

Below is a sample of the Column headers, right click on images to enlarge.






You will see each metric represented and labeled with (RY01) & (RY02), rolling year 1 = last complete 12 months rolling, RY02= previous rolling 12 months to that. All of the Rolling Year metrics ignore the "Current" month you are in as the data in the current month is incomplete. You might not have billed a contract for last month so revenue could potentially be missing.

The columns containing "Rank" in their name are the respective rank for the period (RY01/RY02) from greatest to lowest so that you can compare a customers Rank on Revenue over the last 12 months (RY01), to how they Rank on Revenue in the previous 12 months to that (RY02) and see if a customer is slipping or growing.   

Note: All "Clicks" are from billed meters. 

Actual = the display, actual clicks customer ran.

Base And Overage = the total clicks billed on an invoice for that machine. 

Your Click metrics will always be lagging based upon the meter billing cycle for each contract. If you bill a lot of contract meters Quarterly, then you are going to be missing the most recent 3 months of meters until you bill that contract (contracts are billed in arrears usually).  If you bill annually, then your RY01 is going to be off in regards to the Contract metrics (base & overage revenue, meter clicks). 

The contract invoices distribute the revenue & clicks for that invoice across the Overage Dates for that invoice evenly. To reconcile a contract invoice will typically require you have the previous and next invoice so you can see how the revenue & clicks are prorated into the number of days in the cycle. This then gets distributed per diem into the appropriate Rolling Months so that the clicks/revenue are spread evenly and you have "data" for each month.  But the clicks can't distribute until they are billed, and since they are billed in arrears then your click distributions will only be current thru the most recent meter billing cycle for each contract. 

You can verify the data by using the eView CEOJuice Contract and Transactional Analysis, CLICK HERE for an overview of eView.

NOTE:  Revenue shown is total customer revenue, not just contract revenue.

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