ID535 - StackRank Customers From Analytics

This report goes out as a .txt file that you import into excel as a tab delimited file. Then you'll see where we track the columns (Revenue,Cost,Margin,CostPerCopy,ActualClicks, BaseAndOverageClicks (billed totals), color & BW clicks (both actual and billed)). We track RY01 & RY02 (rolling year 1 = last 12 months rolling....RY02= previous rolling 12 monthgs to that )...and then when assign a "ranking" order for each metric for each of the periods so that you can compare - for example, a customer who might be ranked #32 in Revenue for RY01 against what their revenue ranking was for RY02. 
Or, you can see that a customer is 
#32 in revenue ranking..but might rank # 10 in BilledClicks... 
Since the possibilities of what you might want to compare are actually 8 to the 8th power, we decided to just push the results into excel for you to build your own pivot tables / charts etc to compare what you wanted to. 

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