ID174 - Contract Record Change Audit Overview & Sample

This alert is an audit log of changes to existing contract headers meter groups and contract equipment changes. Separate emails sent for each audit report (Headers / Meter Information /Equipment ) listing new and updates/changes.

*Please see THIS POST on how last updator determined for this report*

You will receive six emails each time this triggers: 

-Two for Meter Group Info - Changes & Additions to: ContractMeterGroup, Description, CoveredCopies, AppliedToExpiration, OverageMethod, UseOverages, Rate, RangeEnding


-Two for Contract Header Info - Changes & Additions to: contractnumber, customer, billtocustomer, overagebilltocustomer, contractcode, billcode, billgroup, expirationdate, expirationcopies, basebillingcyle, baseaccrualcycle, baserate, ovgbillingcycle, sumindividualbaserates, miscchargeamount, miscchargedescription, miscchargeGL, miscchargeDept,BillEnabled, Activated, terminated, Renewed, taxcode, branch, contractlease, terms, salesrep, expcopyexpirationdate


-Two for Equipment Contract Detail - Changes & Additions to:

BaseRate,Remarks,CustomerLocation,BillCode,UseContractLease,StartMeterReadingGroup,Startdate,Enddate,StartmeterReadingDate,EndMeterReadingDate,ProRateStart,ProRateStartBillNow,ProRateStartAmount, ProRateEndAmount,ProRateEndBillNow,EndMeterReadingGroup,SyncLocationAddress,Address,City,State, Zip,Country,NextBaseIncreaseDate,UnearnedBalance,ProRateStartAutoCalc,ProRateEndAutoCalc,BaseRateScheduleStartDatetype,BaseRateScheduleStartDate,BaseRateScheduleIsRenewalType,TaxCode,Termination, Quantity,UnitBaseRate





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