ID174 - Contract Record Change Audit Overview & Sample:

A daily audit log of changes to Contract Records. 

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This alert is an audit log of changes to existing Contract Record(s). One excel workbook containing up to seven worksheets - Summary / Contracts Updated / Contracts Created or Terminated  / Contract Equipment or Items Updated / Contract Equipment or Items Created / Meter Groups Updated / Meter Groups Created. 


Run Schedule: Daily Evenings

Type of Output: Email


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You will receive one email containing excel workbook:

Worksheets: Summary / Contracts Updated / Contracts Created / Contract Equip Items Updated / Contract Equip Items Created / Contract Meter Groups Updated / Contract Meter Groups Created / All Data


Sample Summary Worksheet:


Sample All Data (Summary):


Sample Contracts Updated Worksheet:


Sample Meter Group Updated Worksheet:



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VariableW: Enter branch numbers to report on (separated by comma) OR enter 'ALL' to send report for each branch OR enter  'Consolidated' for one company-wide report (default is 'Consolidated').

VariableX: Enter 'New' to report on  newly built Contract Records, 'Existing' for changes to existing Contract records, or 'New &  Existing' for both



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. We are not able to provide you historical data on changes to records from prior to day we install our alert because eAuto does not store this information from which we can pull from. Once we install the alert, then we start building our own comparison table to be able to report back to you from.

2. Workbook will only contain worksheet for each section IF there are changes/additions to report on. If no qualifying records for that worksheet (i.e. Contracts Created or Terminated or Contract Equipment or Items Updated), then no worksheet in workbook. Summary sheet indicates 1 or 0 (Yes or No) if worksheet included. 

Example below, there are 0/No Contract Equipment/Items Created nor Meter Groups Created, so no worksheets for those included in workbook:


3. Fields alert will report on if changes or new values made:


Contract, Customer, Customer Bill To, Customer Ovg Bill To, Contract Code, Bill Code, Lock Bill Code, Bill Group, Expiration Date, Expiration Copies, Exp Copies Exp Date, Base Cycle, Base Accrual Cycle, Base Rate, Base Sum Individual Rates, Lease Rate, Misc Charge Amount, Misc Charge Desc, Misc Charge GL, Misc Charge Dept, Bill Checkbox Enabled, Activated, Terminated, Renewed, Tax Code, Branch, Contract Lease, Terms, Sales Rep, Updator

Note it will include equipment that is removed from the contract by highlighting the equipment and clicking the remove button.

Contract Equipments:

Base Rate, Remarks, Customer Location, Bill Code, Use Contract Lease, Start Meter Reading Group, End Meter Reading Group, Start Date, End Date (Equipment Number), Start Meter Reading Date, End Meter Reading Date, Start Pro Rate, Start Pro Rate Bill Now, Start Pro Rate Amount, End Pro Rate Bill Now, End Pro Rate Amount, Sync Location Address, Address, City, State, Zip, County, Next Base Increase Date, Pro Rate Start Auto Calc, Pro Rate End Auto Calc, Base Rate Sched Start Type, Base Rate Sched Start Date, Base Rate Sched Is Renewal Type, Tax Code, Termination Code, Quantity, Unit Base Rate, Updator

Meter Groups:

Meter Group, Meter Group Desc, Covered Copies, Apply To Expirations, Overage Type, Use Overages, # of Meters, Ovg Method, Base Rate, Credit Rate, Click Rate, Range Ending, Updator

4. If you enter Branch Number(s) in VariableW, then those listed in To/CC/BCC will receive ONE email for those branches. Individual emails for each Branch are no available. Use cloning function to facilitate separate email per branch.

5. Alert can be cloned, so you can have more than one subscription going to send to different recipients based on different variable/filter settings. VariableW MUST be different between clones; otherwise, the clones will NOT send.

Use +/Plus Sign to add clone:





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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. Please see THIS POST on how last Updator determined for this report

2. Any auto escalations (to base, meter groups, etc.) will show the last Updator as the last person to actually select OK (Save) on the Contract Record. We have no way to report the change due to auto escalation.



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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID169 - Item Change Audit

ID221 - eAuto Users Not Set Up Correctly (important to ensure last updator accurate)

ID325 - Customer Change Audit

ID611 - Equipment Change Audit

ID617 - Contracts Terminated Today


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Version 20190327 and older:

You Will receive six emails each time this triggers: 

-Two for Meter Group Info - Changes & Additions to: ContractMeterGroup, Description, CoveredCopies, AppliedToExpiration, OverageMethod, UseOverages, Rate, RangeEnding


 -Two for Contract Header Info - Changes & Additions to: contractnumber, customer, billtocustomer, overagebilltocustomer, contractcode, billcode, billgroup, expirationdate, expirationcopies, basebillingcyle, baseaccrualcycle, baserate, ovgbillingcycle, sumindividualbaserates, miscchargeamount, miscchargedescription, miscchargeGL, miscchargeDept,BillEnabled, Activated, terminated, Renewed, taxcode, branch, contractlease, terms, salesrep, expcopyexpirationdate


-Two for Equipment Contract Detail - Changes & Additions to:

BaseRate,Remarks,CustomerLocation,BillCode,UseContractLease,StartMeterReadingGroup,Startdate,Enddate,StartmeterReadingDate,EndMeterReadingDate,ProRateStart,ProRateStartBillNow,ProRateStartAmount, ProRateEndAmount,ProRateEndBillNow,EndMeterReadingGroup,SyncLocationAddress,Address,City,State, Zip,Country,NextBaseIncreaseDate,UnearnedBalance,ProRateStartAutoCalc,ProRateEndAutoCalc,BaseRateScheduleStartDatetype,BaseRateScheduleStartDate,BaseRateScheduleIsRenewalType,TaxCode,Termination, Quantity,UnitBaseRate


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