ID337 - Mark Items Inactive Explanation and Sample

ID337 will mark items with no activity as inactive. It functions like ID156 (marks customers inactive) and ID157 (marks equipment inactive).

Typically we run this in test mode the 1st time. We will email a list of items marked inactive, we suggest you run this monthly.

Alert looks at the following:

1) last transaction per the ItemLedger (all calls, orders, receipts, transfers, adjustments)
2) inventory on-hand, in-process, allocated or backordered
3) if related to other Active Items
4) If the 'foundation' Item for an Active Eqp Record or active Model

5) If Item created in last VariableW month, alerts will NOT make inactive


Variable W = Number of months since last transaction activity (don't use this alert if you have been on eAuto less time than VariableW)

VariableX = enter either Excel or Report - indicates if you want to receive the file as a formatted report PDF (easy viewing) or as an excel spreadsheet (default is PDF)

VariableY = enter either Update or NoUpdate - indicates if you want this alert to actually uncheck the "Active" checkbox on the appropriate items in eAutomate

Sample Output:


**Please note, if an Item Record has ACTIVE Related Make and/or Model set, the alert will not consider for making inactive:



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