ID479 - Deactivate Contacts, Overview and Sample

An alert similar to ones for Customers and Equipment, (see links at bottom of this post) and will deactivate contacts created more than X months ago which are not linked to an Active Customer Record or assigned to any Active Record (ex: Contract, Equipment) or assigned to any non-closed transaction (ex: Sales Order, AR Task). It is installed in test mode with no changes being made to your data until you have a chance to review and tell us to 'go live'. At that point the alert runs monthly and automatically deactivates contacts, advising you which contacts have been deactivated.

Sample Output of ID479 in Live Mode:


Variable X - # Months since contact created

Default schedule is Tuesdays AM

See also ID156 and ID157 to make customers and equipment inactive:

Click here to see ID156 Mark Customer Records Inactive

Click here to see ID157 Mark Equipment Records Inactive


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