Key Service Mapping App (for ID789 - Customers not using all your key services)

This is a one time process to help us determine what your key services are and will only need to be updated if something changes. We use a combination of Model Categories, Contract Types & Bill Codes to determine key service.

We suggest you get the VP of Sales and Owner involved in this process and give some thought to what qualifies. If a customer has got a zero cost single user license of eCopy Desktop, that they have never registered, are they a Document Management customer?

Click here for how to find the App and log in.


Creating Key Services:

Creating Key Services:

**You must have all of your Model Mapping completed BEFORE starting the Key Services creation. Please see THIS LINK for how to set those.**

You should NOT have any 'Unmapped' fields in Model Mapping (found under Home at top of menu bar)





1. Select model-mapping-and-key-services

Login: User

Password: Map

OR if you have our advanced SECURITY access to pass like this, then be sure to use your ceojuice website login credentials:



Launch the Key Services section of our App:



2. Select Key Services at top of menu bar

3. Select Add Key Service

Explanation of Available Fields/ Filters:


  1. Give a Key Service Code Name and a Description
  2. Only Include Model Items Sold will remove filter options for (6) Contract Codes and (7) Bill Codes. Key Service will only utilize Model Class and Item Categories for filter options. This means we are just looking at items fulfilled (SalesOrders), where the item's model falls into our mapped Model Class. 
  3. Select whether mapping should set Contract and Bill Code exclusive or inclusive of each other. Inclusive means the Customer must be in ALL entered sections to be listed under this Key Service. Exclusive means the Customer can be in ANY of the 4 sections to be listed under this Key Service
  4. Model Class is per your Model Class set in Model Mapping App


5. Item Categories per those set in Lists & Codes / Item Categories used on Item Record:



6. Contract Codes per contract codes in eAuto

7. Bill Codes per bill codes in eAuto. Matches on contract first, if no contract then on equipment bill code



Now determine what combination of Model Category, Item Categories, Contract Codes and/or Bill Codes apply to this Key Service. You can select just one or ALL.


  1. Decide what Class from Model Category apply (if any)
  2. Decide what Item Category apply (if any)
  3. Decide what Contract Code apply (if any) **note we tell you the number of active contracts
  4. Determine if any Bill Codes Apply



Identify Production Equipment Sold but you don't expect the customer to have a contract. You don't care how long ago the equipment was sold and assume that if it was no longer in place you would have made the equipment inactive (inactive equipment will not be considered for assigned Key Service). 




OR Identify Production Equipment Sold that is under contract:

**Note because Inclusive selected:

The Customer must be in ALL entered sections to be listed under this Key Service. You may leave a section blank...
For example you can fill in 1 or 2 sections and the Key services lookup will just take place on those sections filled in.

• Note: The Model Class and Item Categories sold in the last 0 months filter is NOT APPLIED in the "AND" mode
• Customers that fall in any of these 3 Contract Codes
• Customers that fall in any of these 2 Bill Codes


OR Identify DIGBW equipment sold in last 6-months and under contract:

**Note because Exclusive selected:

This means the Customer can be in ANY of the 4 sections to be listed under this Key Service.

• Customers that fall in any of these 1 Model Classes
• Customers that sold any items in the last 6 months
• Customers that fall in any of these 1 Contract Codes
• Customers that fall in any of these 1 Bill Codes




Once complete your screen should look like this:

You can preview customer using this service:


And see details of what coding qualifies this customer for the Key Service:


You can also see percentage breakdown of your customers using key services:



Your definition of your Copier Customers might look like this


Your FM contracts might not have any Model Classes and look like this

Once your Mapping is Completed, you can use ID789 to push the Key Services (ZCJKeyServices) Custom Property into eAutomate. Your CRM integration can pull it from there. Please see THIS ID789 POST for details and a sample.

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