ID142 - Billing Accuracy Overview & Sample:

Surveys of your customers will show that they care less about the number of years you have been in business and more about getting an accurate bill. This process will look at all your invoices and determine accuracy based on the total number of invoices divided by negative dollar invoices. Sent monthly for the previous month by default. We suggest that this get shared along with your Net Promoter Score as metrics that differentiate your company.

**We've had clients request how other dealers stats are, but unfortunately we aren't able to pull info together and report on our site.**

The alert is written to only fire off monthly as we want to allow for voids/rebills/etc., throughout the cycle of an entire month, so we are not able to set this one to send to you weekly.

We exclude Equipment Order Types from your TOTAL Admin Accuracy for the month as it's accepted that voiding and re-billing of equipment invoices does not typically reflect an administrative error, rather it typically reflects serial# changes, model/accessory changes, order requirements, etc.

The alert tracks back to the UserID attached to the CreatorID of the record in AR Invoices. If your user isn’t logging in as themselves or if the eAuto Employee Record isn’t properly linked to the User, then the alert won't be able to identify. We have alert ID221 to help identify these Employee Records. 




1. Contract Accuracy = Contract Voids / Contract Invoices

2. Fulfill Accuracy = Supply Voids / Supply Fulfills (includes zero dollar invoices)

3. Avg Completion Days = the days between between the Create Date of the Equipment Sales Order and the Created Date of the invoice for that Sales Order. (Not connected to RMAs)

**Please note Invoice Void will go against original creator of the invoice (not against user who voids, but wasn't original creator of invoice). AND Credit Memos are not a part of the calculations at this time.

The logic does count voids against the original creator of the invoice. It pulls a list of all Contract Invoices and Contract Credit Memos for period and compares the total number to the number which have been voided, never mind by whom. We are looking only at the records created in the calendar month, not looking at when the voids are done. We are providing a snapshot for the previous month at the time the alert fires, with the understanding that other voids/invoices may be made further down the line.


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