ID258 MAIN - Account Review / Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Overview & Sample:

Quarterly Business Review for Sales use with your customer.

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This is a report for reps to use to do account reviews with their customers. We try to highlight points we think the rep should be discussing, whether it's problem equipment, contracts using too much toner, people who need additional training, or problems getting meter readings.

Provides the average response time, machine availability % for period as well as BW/Color/Total click volume by location of equipment at the time of billing. Also includes lease detail by machine and service details with response times, number of service calls by machine, and more!  

Type of Output: Email via CRM and On Demand SSRS Report


Watch a recorded webinar below

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LINKS to Worksheet Explanations:

Use these links for detailed explanations and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

Customer Review (Worksheet1) | Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2) | Current Equipment Details (Worksheet3)

Detail Stats Chart (Worksheet4) | Detail Stats (Worksheet5) | Equip Details (Worksheet6)

Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)


Report Functionality

Report Functionality

1. We highly recommend exporting to excel for printing/formatting/resizing - formatted for 11x17 paper size for printing

 The Excel rendering extension infers the print settings based on page size when exporting, as opposed to letting us specify them anywhere in the SSRS settings for the report. We are defining page breaks within the SSRS report which makes the report segment into tabs when exported. We can't force specific print settings for each tab of the report when it is exported to Excel. This is a limitation of the SSRS reporting and unfortunately, not something that we can change.

2. The report in full is not recommended for printing to show to the customer. We recommend only the first tab (Customer Review) and possibly the fourth tab (Detail Stats Charts) be printed to give to a customer. The remaining tabs of the report are really intended for internal review by the rep. 

3. For the date filters, it is best to use filters that match the billing cycle of the contract when you can, or else to run 5/01-4/30 or similar because there is still some data that is presented based on the calendar month the activity happened in. Note that if you are requesting the report through a CRM that it will send you the timeframe for the most recently completed months. If you need exact timeframes, use SSRS report.

4. When requesting the QBR from your CRM, it will break if you have any special characters in your Customer Name, such as asterisks (*), brackets of any kind ({ }, [ ]). 



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The variables for this alert/report do greatly affect the information provided, so please be sure to review THIS LINK for those details.

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CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Click here for how to set up the Compass interface and how the rep requests the report.

Click here for how to set up the Sales Chain interface and how the rep requests the report.

Click here for how to set up the Salesforce interface and how the rep requests the report.


Use ID577 to see who is requesting QBRs.

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SSRS Report

SSRS Report

Report security is tied to eAautomate security, click here if your error message says: Query execution failed for dataset 'ReportSecurity'.

Click here for where to find your SSRS reports.

(1) The variables in your subscription also effect your SSRS Report. The months of history filter on the SSRS Report will NOT override your Variable1 setting. Please see this link for details

(2) Report is formatted for 11x17 paper size. We highly recommend exporting to excel for printing/formatting/resizing as we can't customize for each client on formatting or type of information included.

(3) Click here for data that may be missing if not set up!

(4) Filter Options (right click on image to enlarge):Filters.pngFilter Explanations (SSRS Version) from Left to Right:

Customer Name Contains: Enter as much of Customer Name (per e-automate Customer Record Name) as possible 

Select Main Customer Location (Parent): Will auto populate with e-automate Customer Numbers matching Customer Name Contains field, be sure to review to ensure you are selecting correct customer

Report From / To Date: Defaults to number of months per your Variable1 on your ID258 subscription

Parent Customer Number: Indicates Parent Customer Number selected from Customer Name filters

Select Bill Codes for Managed IT Equipment/Contracts: Indicate Contract Type(s) for Managed IT Service: Select specified Managed IT Contract Types to segregate from metrics on QBR.

**Please note: by default in SSRS Reports, there is (Select All) option in drop down, we highly suggest NOT using this filter option. Instead, please specify actual Contract Types (or Include all though hopefully that doesn't apply) OR None Applicable.



Report Selected Contract(s): Can elect to run QBR for just selected ACTIVE contracts under customer selected. **Please note this select contract(s) drop down will only show options if less than 50 contracts; otherwise, no choice and will run for all (due to SSRS limitation). In addition, if standard major/minor (i.e. Contract # 1101-01, 1101-02) usage is in place, then the report will look back to previous iterations of the contract (even if those previous iterations are inactive) to report on needed date filter settings selected.

Isolate Equipment having # of CM Calls exceeding (X) for Period: indicate how many Corrective Maintenance calls to consider for identifying equipment to the purpose of this filter is to flag this equipment separately on the report (defaults to Variable X on your ID258 subscription)

Red GM % / Green GM %: Indicate what color highlight to use at designated Gross Margin % for contract profit in Current Eqp Details worksheet (Worksheet3)

Top X Machines Volume: Indicate how many machines to show in top list of machines by volume listed on in Customer Review Worksheet  (Worksheet1)

Show all non-zero AR Invoices: Allows for you to select ALL AR Invoices to see such activity as Sales Invoices

Run in Single Customer Mode: Allows you to run for a specific customer as opposed to a parent and all its locations.



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