ID612 - Update Service & Sales Message with NPS Detractor Information Overview & Sample:

For clients using our closed call survey process (ID109), one of the most valuable pieces of data provided is whether a caller would or would not recommend you to a friend or colleague. This is called your NPS score, and it's very much in your best interest to turn any 'detractors' into 'promoters.' You do that by proving them wrong about the level and quality of your service. When a customer's last survey response contained a detractor-level score (7 or less) on the NPS question, this alert will flag the customer inside eAutomate with a Service and Sales Message identifying them as a detractor. This way every time a new Service Call or Sales Order is opened for that customer, you know you have to provide a perfect experience from first call to final outcome. These messages are seen every time a new transaction is opened.

The alert will also provide an e-mail advising what Customer we are adding Messages to (sample below).

See ID559 to provide an e-mail to tech and other concerned parties that a detractor call has been opened. To clarify: the main difference between ID612 and ID559 is that ID559 can send an email to someone who may not be in eAuto, ID612 will add a sales and service message, so you customer service staff can see while they are on the phone with the "Detractor".



1. Shows both Old Message & New Message Subject Line now that note has been updated

2. Shows old message contents BEFORE ID612 updated

3. Shows new message contents AFTER ID612 updated. Note your old info stays. (This is an opportunity to review message content and clean up as needed.)

Items on this email will continue to appear until subject and/or message contents are shortened (per error message in 'Error Flag' column). eAuto 8.5 and 8.7 has space limit of 32 characters for subject and 1024 characters for message.

**Please note:

Once the most-recent response for that customer is not a detractor the note will be removed on the next daily run. That is NOT the same thing as new response from the specific contact who detracted. The alert only looks at the most-recent survey response for a given customer record. If it's a detractor, a note is written. If it is not, any existing note is removed. If Bob from Bob's Print Shack and Bait Tackle gives you a '3' a note will be written. If two weeks later Bob's assistant Cindy gives you a '10' on a new call the note will be removed. Bob might still be unhappy but the alert can't track down to the Contact level.

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