ID640 - Pros Elite Call Back Criteria Overview & Sample

Clients who are members of PE100 or run Pros Elite reports will know that a key metric they focus on is callbacks. Their reports hardcode the model callback parameters in to the report so their reports may not match eAutomate or CEO Juice reports which looks at the callback data in the Model Category setup in eAutomate. This process will fix this by pushing the Pros Elite callback data into eAuto's model categories. This alert process maps Pros Elite callback parameters by the model category, so as long as your Model Category descriptions contain the standard ProsElite category codes ( {PE1}, {PE2}, etc etc etc), then our new process will update all the matching models associated with those categories to the ProsElite callback parameters.  This does not go back historically and update eAutomate service call data, it will only effect new calls going forward.

VariableW: set whether you would like alert to only run in test mode or if you would like alert to update eAuto. At initial install, we will fire this event in test mode and it will email you a complete list of the models (and the current CB parameters with the ‘updated’ CB parameters), so you can review what will happen when we actually run this in the ‘Update’ mode (VariableW).

(if alert is running in update mode and you would like the settings to revert back to previous day, just email us at to set it back - must email us same day please)

You must use Pros Elite {Braces} format for this alert to work. {Braces} must exist in Model Category Description as shown here:


So your Model Record will look like this:


You can use eAuto Bulk Update Tool to update:




Column 1 shows your current eAuto Call Back Number of Clicks and Column 2 shows what ID640 says it should be based on the Model Category you have set.

Column 3 shows your current eAuto Call Back Number of Days and Column 4 shows what ID640 says it should be based on the Model Category you have set.

Change VariableW to "Update" to have this alert write these changes to your eAuto Call Back Settings.


**Please note, be sure your System Settings is not checked off otherwise any call back alerts you use will look to System Settings (located in Tool/Options/Service Calls/Dispatch Console) for call back criteria.

 Our tables are currently based on this information from Pros Elite:

** CEO Juice are fans of the Pros Elite Group and have processes specific for them, visit for more. **


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