ID939 - Request for Contract Invoices via CRM Overview & Sample:

Automatically emails eAuto invoices from CRM

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Sales reps often want a copy of several months of contract invoices when they are working an upgrade. Instead of chasing your admin team this process allows them to request copies by clicking a button in supported CRMs. We currently support, SalesForce (Agent Dealer), SalesChain, and Compass Sherpa but can offer stored proc for your CRM to run to build their own integration.


Run Schedule:  Every 5-minutes

Type of Output: On Demand Report from supported CRM, once triggered emails the sales rep

*There is an optional (not required) feature, that if you add your email to the subscription you will be copied on ALL reports generated by the sales reps from your CRM. No email is required on the subscription*


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Sample Invoice Emailed:



Error message:



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Variable W: Enter Max Months of Invoices to be Emailed to Rep

Variable X: Enter Customer Types(s) associated with Leasing Companies (to be excluded from process as you may not want to send to your Sales Reps the pass through invoices you're customers do not see)

Customer Types found via Tools / Lists & Codes / Customer Types:


Variable 1: Enter Include or Exclude ZERO dollar invoices



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. The invoices will be sent to the email associated to the CRM user requesting the invoice(s). Anyone listed on the TO/CC/BCC of your alert subscription will be included on what the Sherpa user requests.

2.  Will NOT send voided Contract Invoices, the Credit Memos reversing the voided Contract Invoices, or Contract Debit Memos.  It will send negative-dollar or offsetting Contract Invoices.

3. The process looks for the Customer Number listed as the Main Customer on the Contract Record in eAuto (see highlighted field in screenshot below), regardless of any parent/location relationships in place.


4. Will send email IF indicating the file is too big to send or the customer didn't have any invoices to send. Max is 5 million bytes/10 megs max (all PDF's combined). This matches Office365 limit.


5. If you have CUSTOMIZED eAuto invoices, then please subscribe to alert ID520. This alert is a background process enabling us to use your custom formatting in place of eAuto standard invoice format. 

6. If you do not have customized eAuto invoices, then we watermark the invoices for 'INTERNAL USE ONLY' to discourage sales reps from passing these back to the customer, as most dealerships want any A/R requests from customers to go thru the accounting dept. Sorry we are unable to do this when you have customized eAuto invoices.


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Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

1. File too large to send, this is because the file size exceeds 5000000 bytes, you will need to submit a new request fewer months of invoices.


2. This alert requires that your CRM has the ability to pass the eAutomate CustomerID, this alertID, # of months of invoices, and the requester's email address to our CEO Juice database. Reach out to your CRM to set up.

3. If no invoices attached to your email, then this process has found no qualifying invoices.

4. If you aren't receiving the invoices as expected, make sure the Customer Number your requesting invoices for is exactly the Customer Number set on the Contract Record:


5. For SalesChain as CRM, please use THIS LINK for needed set up

6. For Sherpa as CRM, please use THIS LINK for needed set up

7. For Agent Dealer as CRM, please reach out to them directly letting them know you'd like to set this integration up 

8. Any other CRM's we haven't had any luck with (i.e. SalesForce), but we do have a store procedure they can run against our database to create their own integration. The stored procedure resides in the CEOJuice database that is on the same SQL Server as the coClient database running e-Automate. 

Step 1: Be sure IT sets db_datareader, db_datawriter and db_executor roles to CRM SQL User for the CEO Juice database and a minimum of  db_datareader for the eAuto coClient database.  

Step 2: Run Stored Procedure:

exec ZCJ_Event_ExternalRequest_Log

@vi_EventOutputID = 939,

@vi_CustomerID int = -1,

@vi_AgentID int = -1,

@vi_HistoryMonths int = 6, --the client can force a limit on this in the subscription which will override the parameter if the rep tries to request more months than the subscription is set to.

@vs_RequestorEmail email address of the sales rep ..this is the address we ‘send’ the excel file to,

@vs_RequestorNumber eautomate AgentNumber of salesrep (From SHAgents.Agentnumber) ,

@vs_CustomerNumber eautomate ARCustomers.CustomerNumber ,

@vs_Source varchar(128) = ‘CRM_Name_Here (i.e. SalesForce)’, --we store this in our transaction log feed so we can       troubleshoot and test with you

@vd_FromDate datetime = NULL,

@vd_ThruDate datetime = NULL


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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID258 - Customer Quarterly Business Review

ID520 - Invoice To PDF Engine (enables us to pick up your Custom Invoice(s)

ID577 - External CRM/3rd Party Requests 


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