SalesChain Connection ID258 ID877 ID939

CEO Juice and SalesChain have now teamed to allow for quick easy access to various resources.

For ECI Hosted clients, the below also applies and you will also need to reach out directly to SalesChain for setup.

For set up:

1. Contact SalesChain to have them set up their piece that pushes that information to the local network.

2. Be sure your company is subscribed to CEO Juice alerts ID258/QBR and/or ID939/Invoices.

3. Follow instructions below (also in attachment at bottom of this post).

4. Be sure IT sets db_datareader, db_datawriter and db_executor roles to CRM SQL User for the CEO Juice database and a minimum of  db_datareader for the eAuto coClient database.  

5. SalesChain to run Stored Procedure against CEO Juice database:

exec ZCJ_Event_ExternalRequest_Log

@vi_EventOutputID = 939, --(use @vi_EventOutputID = 258, for QBR)

@vi_CustomerID int = -1,

@vi_AgentID int = -1,

@vi_HistoryMonths int = 6, --the client can force a limit on this in the subscription which will override the parameter if the rep tries to request more months than the subscription is set to.

@vs_RequestorEmail email address of the sales rep --this is the address we ‘send’ the excel file to,

@vs_RequestorNumber eautomate AgentNumber of salesrep (From SHAgents.Agentnumber) ,

@vs_CustomerNumber eautomate ARCustomers.CustomerNumber ,

@vs_Source varchar(128) = ‘SalesChain’, --we store this in our transaction log feed so we can       troubleshoot and test with you

@vd_FromDate datetime = NULL,

@vd_ThruDate datetime = NULL

6. If you are not receiving the number of months you'd expect, then please review your variable settings on both ID258 and ID939 subscriptions as that is the max number of months we will allow. If that variable does meet your need, then also check with SalesChain directly as they may be limiting the number of months allowed.




Once done the reps will be able to access Surveys, Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and Invoices:



1. Surveys ID877 - pulls all CEO Juice survey data and compliments the survey data with other data from SalesChain and eAuto to give the rep a great bit of information. This is also available for view an a number of fronts:

a)Daily calendar view has a list of surveys completed by the sales rep’s assigned accounts for the given month

b)On the customer view page the sales rep can click on see the full history of the surveys for the client

2. QBR - Quarterly Business Review (ID258), please see THIS LINK for needed variables on this alert subscription that effect filters. Any user with access to a particular account in SalesChain will be able to run the report for that account and can expect to receive email of report (in excel format) within 15 minutes of request. Report will send to email associated with Sales Rep email in SalesChain.

*The QBR pulls all child accounts from parent. It’s not built currently to be ‘the’ account. It works from the account selected to identify the ‘Parent’ account and then runs all accounts.

**Anyone listed in to:/cc: of your ID258 alert subscription will also receive the QBR requested from SalesChain. (bcc: will not send to anyone as it is intentionally not connected). Email will come from the email address listed in from: of your ID258 subscription. Subject line will start with "Requested Customer Review", followed by Account Name

3. INV - Contract Invoices (ID939), be sure to complete needed variables for this alert subscription. Invoice(s) will send to email associated with Sales Rep email in SalesChain.



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