ID571 - Items with Incorrect/Missing Yields Overview & Sample

This alerts checks your Active Item records against a CEO Juice table and advises of items with incorrect or missing yields. The alert assumes you are using the OEM part # as the primary Item #, and in the standard format. With your approval we can push our yield data back into your item records, email to request this. Please forward email from this alert to if you would like the updates pushed to eAuto.

If you have not yet implemented ID90/Warranty Parts or ID315/Excessive Toner because of the work involved in acquiring or updating yield info, this process will save you a lot of effort.

Item yield is set on the item record


Sample of ID571 alert:

Our data is compiled from various sources: From manufacturers (Validation = 0) and from our clients subscribed to this alert (Validation = 2,3,5 etc.. # of clients who agree on same yield)

NOTE: By subscribing to this alert you are giving us permission to push your yield information into our master table, if needed.

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