ID17 - Technician On-Site Too Long Overview & Sample

Alerts service management when a tech has been on-site between W and X number of hours. The tech is either having problems, missing in action, or forgot to close the call. We suggest our alert send an email from dispatch to the tech. Note: if for some reason you are not sending either to tech or tech manager, you must have an address listed in the first to: field. (Remote Tech highly recommended.)

VariableW: Onsite > = than hour (whole number required, no decimals)

VariableX: Onsite < = than hour (whole number required, no decimals)

Email will indicate tech name where tech dispatched for greater than VarW AND less than VarX.

VariableY: The alert will not fire for techs where the CustomProperty attribute name you specify in VariableY is set to 'No'. If no customproperty is will fire for all techs on a service call. The CustomProperty allows you to have the alert 'ignore' techs like System Engineers who would typically be onsite longer than the average break/fix field tech. Please see THIS POST on setting this up in eAuto.

VariableZ: CallTypes (i.e. CorrectiveMaintenance, PreventativeMaintenance,  to exclude from triggering (separate by comma or left blank to trigger on ALL). This CateogoryCode is listed in Tools/Lists & Codes/Call Types as shown here:




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