ID2/ID16 - Dispatched/OnSite After Overview & Sample

Alerts when a tech is still dispatched to a call after hours, for instance when a technician forgets to close a call at the end of the day, we send an email from dispatch to the tech. Escalation alert is ID16.

This alert will look at your company or branch hours and alert you when tech is still dispatched between 25-85 minutes after closing time. Escalation alert ID16 will notify when tech still dispatched 85-145 minutes after closing time.

Sample email:


**Please note this alert is able to accomodate different time zones within different branches. **

Your Daily Hours are set in Lists & Codes/Service Hours:

You can set all of your branches (or just your only Main Branch if you don't have branches) via Options/Company/Edit Main Branch Settings:

OR via Accounting/Branches:

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