ID258 - QBR - Service Details (Worksheet8)

This worksheet provides service details for reporting period by machine

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% Calls in SLATotal Callsin SLAResponse HoursCMResponse HoursRepair HoursResolution HoursCall Back | eAuto SLA Settings


**Please note, if you are missing service activity . . . this report requires service calls to be linked to the Contract Number. If not linked, that service call will not populate as the report is based on Contract Details.

Additionally, the report does not include any calls with a call type category of "Shop Call"**


See below eAuto settings where SLA code set

**SLA is different than response time!! While often the same thing on the front end, they are NOT the same thing on a rescheduled call. If your SLA is 4 hours and you don't get that part you ordered in the machine four hours after the call came off hold, you've failed to meet the SLA**

1. % Calls in SLA: shows the percent of service call that met their SLA (Service Level Agreement)

2. Total Calls: total of ALL calls, regardless of Service Call category type (i.e. CM, PM, Other), exclude Shop Calls

3. in SLA: total call that met their SLA. 

**The % of calls in SLA, Total Calls and in SLA are shown for each location for the customer**


1. Response Hours: Average time from when call opened to when tech set "arrived' as status - Includes ALL Call Types and Rescheduled Calls. Top of page for all calls and at the equipment level in the grey shaded bar.

(Response Hours on Worksheet1 of this report is also a Response Time shown, but this is based strictly on call types matching your Variable3 subscription setting.) 

2. CMResponse Hours: This is strictly Corrective Maintenance calls and excludes rescheduled calls. Average response time for all calls excluding rescheduled calls. Top of page for all calls and at the equipment level in the grey shaded bar.

CMResponse Hours at top of page is average for ALL calls / ALL equipment

CMResponse Hours shown at equipment level is just for that service call

CM Calls determined by Call Type Code assigned in eAuto:


3. Repair Hours: Average total time on site. Top of page for all calls and at the equipment level in the grey shaded bar.

4. Resolution Hours: Includes ALL Call Types and Rescheduled Calls. Response time plus repair time.

5. Rescheduled Calls: Total number of rescheduled calls for the customer. Top of page for all calls and at the equipment level in the grey shaded bar.

6. Call Back: Total number of Call Backs at top of the page for ALL equipment and shows Qty of Call Backs at Equipment Level.


1. Call in SLA: Based on if the CM Response hours are under the SLA response hours. Will either show as yes or no.

2. Call in SLA: Rescheduled calls do not have the CM Response hours calculated and will therefore show as N/A in this field.

 * * *

eAuto Settings:

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Code:



The Report considers SLA Code from these three places in eAuto (not from Customer Record)

Contract Record Level:


Contract Equipment Detail Level:


Equipment Record Level:


Hierarchy for consideration if different SLA codes exist at varying levels: 1st = Contract Record, if blank then 2nd = Contract Equipment Detail, if blank then 3rd =  Equipment Record.

Any changes to SLA codes take effect immediately and will change retroactively.


* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

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Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)




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