ID715 - Parts Received for Service Call not Worked/Completed in Y Days - Overview and Sample

Ever had a tech ask for a part to be shipped overnight and then not pick it up or install it for a week? You want to make certain that if your techs are ordering parts for a call, that they are getting those parts installed quickly, especially if they have ordered parts using overnight shipping methods. This alert is a daily review of parts received that had designated ship methods within the PO (specified in Variable W, you must specify the shipping methods that you want to monitor; trying to monitor all shipments would flood you with data.)
The alert will show the detail of parts received that are linked to a service call which has not been worked/completed within a set number of days of receipt of the part. The logic of the alert assumes that each tech is linked to his/her own warehouse, or not at all, and that you have no more than one tech linked to each warehouse. The alert will not "ding" the tech for not acting if someone hasn't transferred the part to his/her warehouse yet.
The default schedule is to run hourly. Reports when all parts associated with service call are received, but by design, does not wait for all items on PO to be received as there may be items on PO not associated with same service call.
Variable W - Ship Method(s) from PO to track, separated by commas. (Required for alert to trigger).
Variable Y - # of Days Call hasn't been Worked/Completed. Default value is 2.
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