ID755 - Parts linked from call to PO to order but not used when call closed Overview & Sample

To track how many parts are having to be ordered on a PO for a tech reschedule that do not end up being used for the linked call. This alert works only if your inventory team is linking a call to a PO when ordering these items for techs. It's the only trail we have to see what the tech says he/she needed to compare against items actually used when the call was closed.

Please note, for performance reasons the alert looks at part receipt data less than 31 days old - it assumes the call is closed within a month of those parts being received. Within that limitation, the alert then waits until the call is closed and triggers if parts received against linked PO are not consumed on the call.


Screen_Shot_2019-09-17_at_3.44.13_PM.png**If you have this alert reporting on cancelled service call(s), then you need to also cancel the PO. Or manually break the link to the PO before cancelling the call by removing the parts from the call. **

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