ID717 - Unapplied AR Payment Review Overview & Sample:

EAutomate has a canned report - Unapplied Receipts list which lists all unapplied AR payments open on customer accounts. This report was removed in EA versions 8.0 and higher so we created this to install it back into your reports console. The best practice is to review this list periodically and make certain that open payments get applied properly or report back to your customer that they have overpaid. You may also find that the payments need to be re-applied to other invoices or accounts or that you really should refund your customer. This is a custom report that should be used to get this pertinent information for review by a manager to help keep tabs on any items getting too old or needing to be applied.

The ID717 report is a replacement of a stock e-Auto report. Because of this, this report will show up in Standard Reports under 'Accounts Receivable', not custom reports.

Where to find the report: Be sure to look in Accounts Receivable Reports for CEO Juice Bolt-ON AR Unapplied Receipts to run this report:



Report Options:


Output includes All credit balances by default and sorts from Largest Credit Balance to Smallest by default.  Report lists Customer Number, Type, Date, Customer Name, Method, Reference and Credit Amount:



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