ID638 - Audit Report of Bill Code Records, Overview and Sample

This alert will advise you of any new Bill Code Records created, and also advise you of any changes to existing Bill Codes. Depending on your eAutomate settings, incorrect changes to Bill Codes have the potential to affect all existing contracts on that Bill Code (and, even if your settings prevent this, changes to a Bill Code record can go unnoticed and new contracts may be set up incorrectly). We try to cover all 'critical fields' of the Bill Code and let you know what the setting was and what it is now. We also advise the last user to update the Bill Code, although this may not be the same person who made the change.

Bill codes are set up in Eautomate/Tools/Options/Lists and Codes - see screenshot below:



The alert output sample is shown below: (Reports the Bill Code Name that changed, which user changed it, if the change was creating a new or merely changing an existing)



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