ID583 - Details on a Service Call whose Hold Status has just Changed Overview & Sample:

This alert is designed to provide a 'status report' of a call when it is moved to a new Hold Code. Originally designed to advise techs of calls just moved to PA (Parts Available), it is a complete overview of the call including item detail, notes on whether those items are returnable, and when the call was moved to its new on Hold Code. Note: This alert is tech-aware but not tech-manager-aware (the tech manager checkbox does not work). You can also leave VarW and VarX if you don't wish to be notified of all Hold Code changes.


Sample output:  



Variables for this alert are:


Variable W = 'Set' to advise of calls moving from Pending to Hold Status

Variable X = 'Release' to advise of calls moving from Hold to Pending Status

Variable Y = 'Change' to advise of calls moving from one Hold to another, or 'SpecifiedHold' (no space) to advise on calls moving to specified Hold Codes per VariableZ

Variable Z = Hold Codes to advise on if VariableW set to 'SpecifiedHold' (separate with comma) ie, "PA" for Parts Available.

 Note:  Placing or releasing a hold on the customer record has no effect on any open transactions.

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