ID148 - New Incompleted/Rescheduled Call Created with Part Costing >$W Overview & Sample:

Do you have a tech who throws parts at equipment to fix it?  Do you want to know if an expensive part (such as a board) is needed? Then you need ID148.

ID148 is an alert for a new incompleted/rescheduled call Created with Part Costing >$W.    This looks at the each price of the part to exceed VariableW not the total cost of the qty for that item. It will alert the service manager before an expensive part is ordered for a rescheduled call.


**Cost for VarW threshold is Average Cost

Sample output is shown below:



The following variables are available:

Variable W (Average Cost an item (each) must exceed to trigger this alert) 

Variable X (Branch Numbers) (If you wish to exclude branches)

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