ID760 - Rescheduled Call from Previous Call where Parts were Ordered on a PO Overview & Sample:

Are your techs just throwing parts at the problem? This alert tracks service calls where techs have rescheduled a call and ordered parts, received and installed the parts, and then have had to reschedule the call again or there is a callback triggered after the parts have been installed. In other words, the first set of parts put into the machine did not fix the problem. The purpose of this alert is to try and identify when the tech is putting in high dollar parts that do not rectify the problem; should those parts be uninstalled and put back to inventory? Does the tech need additional training on the machine that he is servicing so that this doesn't happen again?
This alert runs Weekday evenings and we suggest it goes to your service manager for review.
Variable Y - Branch Numbers: Branch numbers to trigger on, leave blank for ALL
Related Alerts:
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ID55 - Notify of Rescheduled Call Created WP and/or Badsync AND PartsCost Exceeds: Subscribe to this alert to notify service management when a call is placed on hold as Waiting for Parts (WP) or for BadSync data from Remote Tech and EITHER the TOTAL parts cost exceeds Variable W OR any individual part cost exceeds Variable X. More detail here.
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ID629 - Parts Required on Imcomplete Call: This alert will provide a regular report showing all the parts that techs are missing in their car stocks. More detail here.
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