ID258 - Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2)

This page provides list of devices with most Corrective Maintenance calls. Default is to list any device with 5 or more qualifying calls for the time period reporting on. When running SSRS report you can change filter Isolate Equipment having # of CM Calls exceeding (X) for period as needed.

Quick Link to Data Explanations:

Equipment Number | Call Type Description | Call Description



CM Calls = Corrective Maintenance category service calls (does not include category codes such as preventative maintenance, courtesy call, phone fix, other, etc.)

CM Calls determined by Call Type Code assigned in eAuto:


Report defaults to Top 5, but can be overridden via filter on OnDemand SSRS Report:


Be sure to expand all rows in spreadsheet to see all details. This is intended to be quick snapshot for your customer and/or reference.

Equipment Number:

Equipment ID# assigned to device in eAuto

Call Type Desc:

Full description of Call Type on Service Call in eAuto

Call Description:

Description entered on Service Call by dispatch per your customer


For service call number and/or more details, please go to Service Details (Worksheet8). 

* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

Customer Review (Worksheet1) | Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2) | Current Equipment Details (Worksheet3)

Detail Stats Chart (Worksheet4) | Detail Stats (Worksheet5) | Equip Details (Worksheet6)

Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)



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