ID214 - Install/Pickup Call Type Category Calls Closed Overview & Sample:

Sends an e-mail advising that calls of Call Type CATEGORY 'Install / Pickup' have been closed. Many clients use the dispatch module for deliveries and pickup of equipment. If you are using dispatch in this way, you should have certain CallTypes setup for the different delivery/pickup options (Install...Demo Install...Pickup Return To Lease..etc). Whatever calltypes you setup to use for your deliveries, you MUST be sure that you assign the Category Install/Pickup to those calltypes so that our alerts & eAutomate reports know that calls assigned to those calltypes should not impact response times and can be filtered out of service metric reports. This alert will trigger on all calls assigned to a calltype that is in turn assigned to the Install/Pickup calltype category. You can check this by editing your Call Types from List and Codes / Call types. See sample call types below for following installs, both company and inter-territorial: 



ID214 sample output includes Location Name, Call Number, Call Type, Close Date, Equipment Number, Model, Serial Number, Meter Display, Remarks and Service Invoice Remarks.


This alert has 1 Variable: 

VarW = Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL

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