ID309 - Active In-Stock Equipment that does not have a Status OR Condition Assigned Overview & Sample:

Many of our Juice alerts (examples *ID501, ID567, 568, 569 and 570) will build alerts to fire on different status, warehouse, condition, bins, etc. *  You may want to run an instock "used" inventory report, or a report of available equipment "in box".

This alert is for clients that want all in-Stock equipment records to have a status AND a condition code assigned. This alert to run monthly and list all that are missing either a Status Code OR a Condition Code. (To ensure that each equipment is reported properly in alerting processes)

Please see sample output below which contains Equipment Number, Model Number, Serial Number, Status and Condition Name.  (As you can see these are all missing a condition, so we can't tell if they are in a box, set up on the show room floor, or used)


ID309 has 1 Variable:

VarW = Enter 'HOST' or 'ALL' (HOST=to only check host equip. ALL=check all equipment)


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