ID885 - Report of New Lease Records Created in Last 24 hours Overview & Sample:

Keeping up with leases, making sure they are logged in Eauto, filed with the Leasing Company, equipment ordered and delivered, Commission Paid etc. is a daunting task.....and that's just to get the lease process started.  At the end of the lease, you'll also rely on the information in your lease records to notify you when the lease is x# of days before end (good time for the rep to call on the customer), or nearing X# of end days to make sure the equipment is swapped out, returned to the leasing company, or whatever process has been agreed upon.

ID885 produces a report of new lease records created in last 24 hours for admin to review the key items (customer, lease company, payment, financed amount etc) for a new lease added to eAutomate. This version is built to run once at the end of the day for lease records created in last 24 hours and deliver a report with the pertinent information.  Your sales people may have access to this information through your CRM, so making sure it's available and accurate should be a priority.

Purpose is for an admin manager to check / review any new lease records entered in EA (under service/leases) i.e. if someone accidentally enters 600 months instead of 60, or a monthly payment of $1 instead of $1000. If you are using ID667, to keep your leases in sync with the leasing company, you are already comparing this information, so no need to subscribe.  

Sample Output for ID885 contains Lessor, Lessee, Lease Code, Term DAtes, Billing Periods, Total Financed Amount, Payment Amount, Lease Creator, Equipment Number, Model, Serial Number and Equipment Payment as shown below.


This alert has 3 variables:

VarW = Flag problem if Term is less than VarW months

VarX  = Flag problem if FinancedAmount is less than VarX dollars

VarY  = Flag problem if PaymentAmount is less than VarY dollars

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