ID223 - CM Category Calls for Today Where Arrival Time was After Due Time (Ignores Reschedule Calls) Overview & Sample:

To alert either on ALL Corrective Maintenance calls (or list of specific calltype(s) you want checked) that missed the DueTime for today. (EXCLUDES Reschedule Calls) To notify for ALL CM calls that went past due time enter ALL in variableW. To check only one specific calltype enter in the actual calltype code (not the description of the calltype but the actual code as it is setup) in variableW. Example of this is where you might have many CM calltypes but you're only interested in tracking the number of missed due times on Inoperable/Down machines and are using a specific calltype to indicate the equipment is inoperable. DateTime due in e-automate defaults to the response times you've setup for the equipment/contract and this alert shows where that time was missed. NOTE: This alert is designed to report for the last 24 hours so it needs to be run on a daily schedule.

Sample Output for ID223 contains Contact Preferred full name, Call Number, Call Description, Customer Name, Model#, Equipment #, Call Type Description, Received Date & Time, Dispatched Date & Time, Arrived Date & Time, and the Required by Date & Time, as shown below:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = CallTypes to trigger on (separate by comma or enter 'ALL')


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