ID471 - Send Closed Call Ticket with Part Details to the Ship In Dealer Overview & Sample:

This alert was built to send a snapshot of the closed call ticket for a piece of equipment where you have specified a Dealership equipment custom properties (attribute name in VariableW) and a service contact for that dealerships customer record in custom properties (attribute name in variableX). The PDF includes basic call details. The request was to give you the option to send the closed call details to a fellow dealership for whom you are servicing on their behalf for one of their customers. If you want to provide the dealer more information i.e. meter reads, parts used, problem codes subscribe to ID764 ID460 Subscription Required!!!!

 Variable W - for the Ship In Originating Dealer (or ZCJShipInDealer) needs to be created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Attributes as follows:


Then placed on the Equipment Record of the ShipIn (as follows):


For VarX  - The ShipIn Dealer Alert (or ZCJShipInDlrAlertContact) needs to be created in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Attributes as follows:


Then placed on the Customer Record of the Dealer as shown:


Sample Output:

Note:  This alert has 2 variables which must match the names you set up in Attributes.

VarW = CustomPropertyAttribute on EquipmentRecord to identify the Dealer(customer) you are servicing the equipment for

VarX  = CustomPropertyAttribute assigned to the ShipIN Dealer in VariableW Customer record for the dealerships Service Contact email


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