ID774 - Customer Business Review (Power BI) Overview & Sample:

Customer Business Review

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Our QBR is one of our most popular reports and is currently available either as a browser based (SSRS) report or an Excel document that can be requested by the sales rep from their CRM. In today's post COVID world with many of these reviews taking place online we are now offering a Power BI version. A PBI dashboard could be customized by your team for each specific customer meeting and we are also wondering if you would share the URL with your customer, allowing them to review the data you chose to share on their own. We are also offering Managed IT Dashboard.

Template download here:

Type of Output: On Demand Power BI Report

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Home Page:







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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-See here for getting Power BI in place. 

-Template download here:

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Power BI Reporting

Power BI Reporting

Three main sections:

(1) for internal use - not intended for your customer. use this to drill into details as you prep for your review


(2) To create a Custom Review - you decide which pages to push to Power Point


(3) Guided Review - select which pages you want to review and use this link to review each page live with your customer (via your laptop)




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KPIs Glossary

All reference to clicks or copies are based on meter readings used on Contract Invoices. We DO NOT use the average monthly volumes from e-Auto.

Allocated ... Clicks - e-Auto distributes each meter group's copy allowance amongst all devices in the meter group to provide a usage amount relative to total clicks produced by ALL devices in the meter group. This is essentially each device's proportionate use of the copy allowance (both overages and underages).

For example, a contract with 1,000 copy allowance and 10 metered devices:

e-Auto doesn't allocate 100 clicks for each device in the allowance, but rather e-Auto looks at the actual clicks billed and determines that device's allocated % use of that 1,000 copy allowance each time the contract bills. We use the same formula for presenting allocated amounts.

Billing Accuracy - Total Invoices divided by Voided Invoices 

Call Type Category - each Call Type in e-Auto is assigned a category code. They are:'


Clicks BW / Clicks Color - we use the Category set on the Meter Type from e-Auto:


First Call Effectiveness - % of calls completed/fixed without a rescheduled call (i.e. parts needed or more time needed)

Response Time - Time from when call opened until tech dispatched

Resolution Time - Time from when call opened until call closed

SLA - this is the Service Level Agreement set in e-Auto and is based on expected response time.

Total Copies in Period - based on actual meters used on Contract Invoices

Virtual Age (BW / Color) - each Model Record in e-Auto has ability to set 'Target' clicks for each Meter Type. We use this 'Target' in our Virtual Age Formula of: Total Clicks divided by Model 'Target'.


IF you do not have 'Target' values, then in we use the averages calculated by way of our ID593/Service Call Might be a Sales Lead's 'Average Monthly Volume for that Model'. More on ID593 HERE.


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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

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Version 2024.02.15:


(for version prior to 2024.02.15)



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