ID184 - Daily Service Call Metrics Overview & Sample

This 'streamlined' version of ID37/DispatchBoard will send your managers and/or your techs daily reports of their Reschedule and CallBack metrics for the day and for the month. Provides Calls Today/Month, Average Response Time Today/Month, Call Back % Today/Month, Reschedule % Today/Month.

*This alert must run at end of day, after hours to ensure all calls for the day have been addressed. Also highly recommend running daily as metrics are reporting on daily activity plus month-to-date.*

**Alert fires on ANY tech completing calls - not dependent on Custom Property of ZCJFieldTech**

Parties on To: or Bcc: of your alert subscription will receive all output, so assuming tech-level output they'll get all of it. Parties on CC: will only receive manager-level rollup regardless of other settings. If you want Tech-level output but don't want to check ToTech you have to put an e-mail address in ToAddress1.

1. Calls are calls closed, not invoiced.

2. CallBack% is based on what eAuto considers a call back, please see THIS LINK for those details and set up.

**If you are a Pros Elite member, please consider alert ID167/Set Callback on CBC/DBC for calltype category(s) other than CM to override eAuto CallBack settings for CM calls only**

3. Avg ResponseTime excludes calls not on contract and reschedules, incomplete calls are included, and only includes calls with CallType set with Corrective Maintenance Category Code

Please see these posts on ResponseTime calculations within eAuto:

ResponseTime for Incomplete Calls

How eAuto Calculates Response Time

4. Reschdule% Please THIS LINK for Best Practices on rescheduling service calls



By Tech:



For Service Manager - All Techs:2.png

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