Equipment Orders Best Practice:

In our industry the Equipment Order process can be very complicated and difficult to automate. If you are still passing around "red folders" see our suggestions below.


One Order Per Host:

To avoid confusion we refer to a "deal" which may have many orders.
We highly recommend one order per host equipment, this is the only way we can tell you an accurate status of a deal (i.e. status of PO, set up, etc.).  Use ID634 to auto-create one order per host.


Order Status and Insights:

Use our ID517 dashboard for the status of all your deals.

Use our process ID348 to keep your sales reps updated on the status of their deals.

Add custom properties to your orders to keep track of order details and use Notes on the order to track latest developments.

Use Sales Order status to know where in the process your order is at and use our process ID815 to auto update these and auto create setup calls etc.



Set up your net net price, with house pack, discounts with order, rebates, etc. as your Outcost.

Track service buydown etc as a non-inventory line item on your order, more.


Post Sale:

Use ID513 to send the manufacturer a copy of the required invoice without giving them all of your customer's details.

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