ID213 - Past Due Mini Statements Overview & Sample

ID213 – Past Due Mini Statements

This is a collection letter/email to send to customers with past due balances. The alert will first select customers that have an AR Contact record associated with the account and that contact preferred method is email. Then for all other past due accounts (no AR contact or AR Contact preferred contact method is not email) the alert will then forward a pdf file of a letter which should be printed and mailed to customer.  It will also EXCLUDE printing letters for any customer where the Send Statements box is not checked. 

ID224,226,229,236,238 (all clones of ID213) to allow for different branches to have their unique verbiage/details.

Add alert ID387 to catch missing AR contact.

This alert uses the Accounts Receivable Contact (not an AP Contact Record)

(We have had issues with eAuto users misunderstanding what the terms AR and AP in eAuto mean and use them in reverse. For instance, my AR contact at customer XYZ has a job title of 'Accounts Payable for XYZ Co.)

1st email subject line = Please find attached your past due statement

2nd Email subject line = Please review your statement and remit payment

Letters in pdf format subject line = Past Due Letters to review and mail to customers

Also this alert is set to run on the 1st and the 16th of each month (at 6PM) but it will only send one ministatement per emailed customer per cycle.  If a customer is past due on the 1st and again on the 16th they will only receive the alert on the 1st. If they are still past due on the NEXT 1st of the month they will get a new email.

VariableW is the minimum balance past due. Set to 1 if you want all customers with balance due over $1.00.        

The X & Y variables are to set a range so there can be a different alert to escalate (in other words if customer has a balance in the 30 to 60 days aging bucket and nothing over 60 days we send the first level notice/letter. But if there is a balance over 60 then this sends a different notice/letter with stronger verbiage if you so choose. If you only want to have one version of the email/letter set VariableY to 99999 and the second alert will not go out.

VariableZ is the CustomPropertyAttribute name created and assigned to CustomerRecord to disable this alert for. The attribute should be setup as user defined lookup (Enabled/Disabled). If the customer has nothing then the alert assumes it's enabled, so you only have to update this field for the exception customers you want this alert to ignore. See Custom Properties 101 in our Forum area for setup instructions



If you uncheck 'Send Customer Statements' in the Customer Record you will prevent this alert from creating an email or letter to that Customer, but doing so will also stop eAutomate from generating Customer Statements from within the Reports Console.

You may also customize your first and second email/letter to verbiage of your choice, and add logo and signatures if desired.    

Basic Default for both unless changed:

Our records show that you have a past due balance, as below. Please confirm this and remit accordingly. If you have any questions please contact me at (123) 456-7890 or We will be happy to provide any information or assistance you require. Thank you in advance if payment has already been sent, in which case please disregard this reminder.


The alert also generates an overview of the emails and letters that were generated


This also gives your collections person a great call list of past due customers.  They just got an email, and now you can follow up with a phone call. 

Sample Letter:


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