ID15 - Forced Meter Overview & Sample:

One of the ongoing challenges with meter readings is having service call meters come into the meter tables and override a contract billing meter reading that has been obtained, which then upsets the customer who expects you to use the meter reading they reported not the latest.  So the best practice is to have all service call meters come in as Not Valid for Billing.  That solves the customer reported vs. service call meters that overlap in the billing cycle. 


*Nov 2020 - this alert does NOT work for MobileTech clients (we are waiting e-automate to push data in so we can pick up via alert)

General information

Setup of meter validation buffer

The buffer is set under options and equipment.  This is the amount of difference between the meter entered and the expected meter.  This prevents extra-large meter readings from being entered by mistake.

We suggest starting by setting your buffer at 60% and see if it catches true errors without too many unneeded warnings and increase if need be.


What the Technician does in Remote Tech

The way the technician does this is by entering the word “force” in the remarks of the meter reading.


What happens?

When a meter reading is outside of the acceptable validation buffer then the technician has to force the meter into the system.   When this happens the meter goes into the system as invalid so that it is not used for billing.  The alert will allow someone to verify this meter so it can be used for billing. 




When you get the email, open the meter reading console in e-automate and review the meter.  If the meter is truly a good meter, merely check the “This is a valid Reading” and “use this reading for billing purposes”.  Then click ok.




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