ID315 - Original purpose of Usage Limit Meter Types

The usage limits was put into place for DGI customers who wanted to build a service contact and “limit” the quantity of a particular item allowed for a contract (remember way back when…when we used to give customers “coupons” for toner and we would ship only when they sent a coupon..etc). Very few dealerships are using that feature because it does not take into account when customer has overages and how that should technically allow them to use more toner. Anyway, that’s what the “Item Usage Limit Metertype” field was built for…to support that feature on a contract.

If your not setting up your contracts with item usage limits..then the Item setting has no impact or causes no harm at all nor “stops “ anything.

However, this field does serve a very important function for any “Yield” based reports/alerts because this is where you tell the system which Meter on a machine (color/BW/total etc) to use when calculating the Yield. So updating this field will have no negative impact on anything in eautomate (unless you decide to start setting up your contracts to Limit Items where you say this contract can only order 5 of this item).

But updating this field is absolutely necessary if you want any Yield reports to work at all (including DGI’s eagent supply alerts).

If there is no meter associated with the item, then the system has no idea from where in eautomate to get which meter readings on any model.

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