ID316 -Toner Items missing data, Overview & Sample

Updating missing data on toner item records listed on ID316 is important, the excessive toner ID315 and biggest toner problem contracts ID758 require that your item records are set correctly, otherwise we can't track excessive toner usage by your customers.

Toner items need: 1) A yield set in the "copy yield" field, and 2) the Usage Limit Meter Type, set to either a Black or Color type (based on what type of toner). 

If an item is not meant to have a yield, set the yield = 2 so that it will not trigger any of our processes. You will still need to enter a Usage Limit Meter Type.

It is important that we are monitoring the correct Service Codes (listed in Var W of ID316 subscription). Service codes are set on the toner item record, see more here on setting of service codes and their importance

Use ID571 to first help with yields, it automatically pushes our (limited amount) of stored yield data into your EA item records. Then we recommend assigning someone who has 15-30 minutes free a week, to sit down and Google the manufacturer item # for the yield, and input into eAutomate. 

In eAutomate, under Inventory / Items / edit item record, add the yield and meter type  



ID316 provides a weekly list of your most sold (over last 12 months) items missing this information, will also include any new items recently created:

(1) % of toner items with a yield set (2) % of toner items with a usage limit meter type set*      (3) Service Codes linked to the item records being monitored (any changes to these codes must be updated in ID316 AND ID315)

In the example below (4) this existing item is missing the usage limit meter type category in the item record, (5) this item is missing a yield in the item record (6) this NEW item (created in last 30 days) is missing a yield AND usage limit meter type category in the item record. (7) shows total # sold over the last year and the total cost. This way you can focus on updating most sold toners. 


*Usage Limit Meter Type Category, When in doubt, choose 'B\W' for a black toner and 'Color' for a color toner. This will have no impact on any other e-automate functionality unless you are using the Contract Usage Limits options inside e-automate (less than 1% of our clients are), if you are please consult your contract administrator to make sure you select the correct Meter Types. If an item should not be triggering this alert (is not a toner item) set Meter Type = Total.

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