ID316 - how to act on the alert output

Maintaining missing info shown on ID316 output is vital (and constant as new item records are added or changes made to existing) to your excessive toner alert ID315. We recommend at least 75% (if not 100%) of your item records have completed yield and meter type cateogry fields (BLK vs. CLR) populated. 

Step 1: find someone with 15-30 minutes, sit them down in front of Google and eAutomate (make sure they have permissions to update Item Records).

Step 2: Open the first item record in the list in eAutomate, it should look like the below:



Step 3a: If an item is missing a yield, please Google the yield value (search the Item #) and update the Item Record. If an item does not have a yield value (ex: circuit board) set yield = 2 and it will no longer trigger the alert.

Step 3b: This item reports Meter Type Category, if it shows as blank please set a Usage Limit Meter Type in the Item Record. When in doubt, choose 'B\W' for a black toner and 'Color' for a color toner. This will have no impact on any other e-automate functionality unless you are using the Contract Usage Limits options inside e-automate (less than 2% of our clients are), and if you are please consult your contract administrator to make sure you select the correct Meter Types. If an item should not be triggering this alert (is not a toner item) set Meter Type = Total.

Step 4: repeat. Steps 1-3 should take you no more than two minutes per item updated.

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