ID216 - Send Order Confirmation for Sales Order Entry Overview & Sample

Please see THIS LINK for differences in ID216 and ID200 and our UPS Integration.

Keep your customers in the loop and avoid them calling your team for updates. This sends an automated confirmation email to your customer for the Supply Order just placed. Not only will this provide even better customer service, it will also save your staff some phone calls! This alert emails the contact listed on a Supply Order the details of their order with your customized verbiage, logo, signature, etc. We also give you the option to send these notifications in to a fixed Helpdesk email each time. (see alert ID200 to email tracking info to your contact and ID165 to ensure you have contacts with emails)

Note: This alert will still send a notification, even when an order is on credit hold.  The purpose of this alert is to let the customer know we received and placed their order.  The customer is not notified by this alert of their credit status. That will still be up to your AR rep to resolve.

As with all of our customer facing alerts, we will install this in Test Mode until you review and let us know you are ready to start sending to your customer (Live Mode).




Who to send to?

When setting up this alert, you can select whether to send to all or only to those selected (via VariableY). You may want to only send to a fixed contact OR to the contact listed in OrderedBy field of the Sales Order OR both.

VariableZ=Enter 'Suppress' or 'NotSuppress'

Suppress turns off sending to ALL Ordered by Contacts (listed on Sales Order) and will on (only sends to Helpdesk contact if checked).

Not Suppress will send to ALL Ordered by Contacts listed in Sales Order that qualifies per OrderType(s) listed in Variable1.

Remember this 'Ordered by' Contact must have a valid email address in Contact Record.

If you have a contact who wants to also receive the email notice regardless of who placed the order, then use Custom Property ZCJOrderConfHelpDesk on the Customer Record to assign that Contact Record (However, please note the alert will not send to this fixed contact UNLESS you have an 'Ordered by' contact as well):

**Please note this fixed contact will only receive IF there is also an 'Ordered by' contact on the Sales Order**


**Please see THIS LINK on how to opt out a Customer or Contact from receiving these order confirmation emails. 

What Orders to Send?

Use Variable1 to determine what Order Types (not Order Type Description) to send this email notice on (i.e. Supply, Equipment, Other). Or leave Variable1 blank and the alert will send on ALL and not filter out by OrderType.


Who to send from?

Since this a customer facing alert, you may want to consider having us change the from: email address to come from one of your department emails your customer can reply to(i.e. supplies@ OR customerservice@). We can make that change on your subscription, but please make sure CEOJuice has permission to send as that email address otherwise no emails will send out. Please see THIS POST on setting those permissions up.


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