ID56 - New OnHold for Parts (WP/BadSync) Call Created Overview & Sample

For managers who want their parts department to be notified as soon as a new On Hold For Parts or BadSync call is created. In the alert email, calls with bad sync data from Remote Tech will denote those items. This is so they know to check e-automate and resolve the bad sync or refresh ILC.

See ID55  to alert when a new call is created on hold for Waiting parts or for BadSync and EITHER the TOTAL parts cost exceeds VariableW OR any individual part cost exceeds VariableX. This alert typically is for the tech's manager to watch for parts cost on rescheduled calls before the parts are ordered or installed.

**Please note this alert will only look back to calls 15 regulars hours (not business hours) old or younger. It will also only notify of qualifying service call once.

VariableW:  list of onhold codes to alert (separate by comma), defaults to BadSync, WP

Sample of Waiting for Parts:


Sample of Bad Sync Data:


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