ID55 - Notify of Rescheduled Call Created WP and/or Badsync AND PartsCost Exceeds Overview & Sample

Notification of Service Call requesting next day delivery OR Waiting for Parts/Badsync call created exceeding specified cost.

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Notifies when new On Hold Service Call is created with following conditions:

1. Next Day Delivery Requested OR,

2. Part ordered exceed specified average cost OR,

3. Total of ALL Parts ordered exceed specified average cost OR,

4. Part(s) ordered showing as Badsync (invalid/non-existent Part #)

This alert typically is for the techs manager to watch for parts cost on rescheduled calls before the parts are ordered or installed.


Run Schedule: every 10-minutes

Type of Output: Email


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Highlighted in RED showing why alert fired

Sample showing Individual Cost exceeded AND Next Day Shipping Requested:


Sample showing all parts when TOTAL of parts exceeded:





*  *  *



Variable W: Trigger when TOTAL of all parts cost exceeds this amount (please include decimal XX.00)

Variable X: Trigger when Individual parts cost exceeds this amount (please include decimal XX.00)

Variable Y: Enter list of OnHold codes to alert (separate by comma ie: Badsync, WP)

Variable Z: Limit to alert firing on specific Branch Number(s)

Variable 1: Indicate if alert should fire if Next Day Required Date indicated from tech (regardless of whether parts cost exceeds minimums set in VariableW or VariableX)


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Alert Functionality

-Alert will notify of qualifying service call ONLY once


-This alert can be cloned which means creating multiple subscriptions of the same ID# (ID55). This function will ONLY work if at least ONE of the variables on each subscription is different.

See this link for an overview of cloning features.


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Best Practices & Tips

-Are you finding the alert is not reporting as you'd expect? The premise is that the tech goes onsite, determines part(s) needed, then marks the call as incomplete for parts. A new call is created, flagged as a reschedule, and then the tech would put the call on hold for parts. Alert will only consider calls marked as reschedules.


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Related Alerts

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