ID55 - Notify of Rescheduled Call Created WP and/or Badsync AND PartsCost Exceeds Overview & Sample

To alert management that a call was placed on hold Waiting for Parts or for BadSync and EITHER the TOTAL parts cost exceeds Variable W OR any individual part cost exceeds Variable X. This is so they know to check e-automate and resolve the BadSync. ID55 typically is for the tech's manager to watch for parts cost on rescheduled calls before the parts are ordered or installed.

See ID56 is to alert your parts/warehouse typically when a call with BadSync data and/or a new call OnHoldForParts is created.

(Alert will notify of qualifying service call once.)

ID55 Variables:

Variable W: Trigger when total parts cost exceeds this amount

Variable X: Trigger when Individual parts cost exceeds this amount

Variable Y: Enter list of On Hold codes to alert (separate by comma i.e.: BadSync, WP)


**Are you finding the alert is not reporting as you'd expect? The premise is that the tech goes onsite, determines part(s) needed, then marks the call as incomplete for parts. A new call is created, flagged as a reschedule, and then the tech would put the call on hold for parts. ID55 would then notify from the rescheduled call if the parts exceed your variables.**

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