ID207 - Pages Serviced & Parts Variance Details SSRS Overview & Sample:

This subreport of SSRS Tech Activity Report (ID204), shows total pages (BLK & CLR) serviced between calls as well parts costs for those clicks. Be sure to use ID295/Model Mapping App to see this report broken down by segment!

**See THIS LINK for Parts Variance Explanation & Calculation

**Pages Serviced are based on the tech who did the initial call and it does not have to be the same tech that did the follow up call. For example, I did a call in November and the next call (follow up) came in this week. I get credit this week for the call I did in November, regardless of who was the follow-up tech is.

This is also 1 of 4 (others ID205 ID206 ID372) subreports in ID204/Tech Activity Report

(1) ID204 Tech Productivity Report by clicking on a cell entry hyperlink



(2) you can run directly from SSRS Reports: Technician Productivity Copy Details - ID207




**Variable settings on your subscription to ID207 WILL effect the report itself:

Variable 5/CBC Clicks CallCategory(s): If you leave this blank, then our copies between call calculations will default to consider all 4 traditional 'touch' calltype categories (CM, PM, CC, SH). 

This variable will drive which calls are considered to provide click credit to copies a call lasted until the next call requiring a field/shop tech to touch the machine.  Some folks consider a 'CC' (courtesy call type category) call type to be a touch since 'CC' calltypes trigger a callback in eAutomate. 

Changes made to this variable will not reflect on report until the next day (nightly update of effected tables required)

Variable4/Multiplier applied to Segment Parts Target if you don't want PartsTarget to be the simple quotient of PartsCostForSegmentForLastYear/ClicksBilledForSegementForLastYear. So for instance '1.2' to give your techs 20% of breathing room between the target and the actual calculated value (defaults to 1).

Variable3/'1' to Exclude Callbacks when calculating clicks earned between calls (defaults to 0)


**Graphs will show break down by segment per your app Model Mapping (ID295)**





Part CPC is CBC Total divided by Part Cost

Segment pulls from Model Category set in eAuto

Target Cost & Parts Cost Variance - please THIS LINK for details

**If Pages Serviced contains zero or looks incorrect, check that you have your Meter Categories set correctly in eAuto. Are your Color Meter Types pointing to the Color Meter Category?



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